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Prices Rooms in Schönbrunn Palace

1 White-and-Gold Room 1

108 m2
EUR 2.000*,-

1a White-and-Gold Room 2

58 m2

1b White-and-Gold Room 3

65 m2

1c White-and-Gold Room 4

26 m2

*Two White-and-Gold Rooms € 3,500.-
Three White-and-Gold Rooms € 4,500.-

Short rent net fee for 1 room
(max. 3 hrs. incl. setup and get-out): € 1.400,-

  • The stated prices exclude VAT, exclusive of 1% Contractual Tax of the gross room rent and personnel costs and are valid for one event or one event day.

Status January 2020, subject to price alterations.

Contact us for your personal offer!

Team Meetings & Events © SKB, Photo: Hannes Grundschober, bildgewaltig

Schloß Schönbrunn
Meetings & Events Team

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