Prices Apothekertrakt

1    Maria Theresia

1a  Habsburg

260 m2

63 m2

€ 4,000.00

€ 1,200.00


2    Sisi102 m2€ 1,600.00Details
3    Leopold84 m2€ 1,200.00Details
4    Rudolf76 m2€ 1,200.00Details
5    Franz Joseph121 m2€ 1,900.00Details
6    Franz Stephan76 m2€ 1,200.00Details
7    Marie Antoinette92 m2€ 1,600.00Details
8    Sophie117 m2€ 1,900.00Details
9    Maximilian131 m2€ 1,900.00Details

A    Orangery Garden Foyer*

180 m2-Details
B    'Lion' Break Area*50 m2-Details
C    'Glasaula' Break Area*60 m2-Details
D    Spitzhof Foyer*450 m2-Details
  • Prices for room rentals are for 1-day usage (excluding VAT and exclusive of 1% Contractual Tax of the gross room rent)
  • Minus 20% for serial events (as of a minimum of 3 days). Minus 20% for short rentals (up to 4 hours), excluding serial events and evening events.
  • General areas (Spitzhof Foyer, Orangery Garden Foyer, “Lion” & “Glasaula”) are available as break areas free of charge.
    *General areas can also be used as multi-functional zones: prices on request.
  • Other potential costs such as catering, staff costs, technical equipment, etc. are calculated separately.


Status September 2022, subject to price alterations.

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