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Wolfgang Smejkal

Head of Meetings & Events

Patricia Lindner

Marketing, Project manager Orangery

Karin Köckeis © SKB, Foto: Hannes Grundschober, bildgewaltig

Karin Köckeis

Content Marketing, Project manager Apothekertrakt

Christiana Hoke

Project manager Apothekertrakt

Alexandra Robok © SKB, Foto: Sandra Kirschner

Alexandra Robok

Project manager Galleries & White-and-Gold-Rooms

Christian Kotheil © SKB, Foto: Sandra Kirschner

Christian Kotheil

Project manager Apothekertrakt

Katja Mittermayr © SKB, Foto: Hannes Grundschober, bildgewaltig

Katja Mittermayr

Project manager Orangery

Tatjana Orlic © SKB, Foto: Sandra Kirschner

Tatjana Orlic

House and cleaning service

Zeljko Mitrovic © SKB, Foto: Sandra Kirschner

Zeljko Mitrovic

House and cleaning service

Jessica Steinlechner © SKB, Foto: Hannes Grundschober, bildgewaltig

Jessica Steinlechner

on maternity leave

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