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A historical venue for modern ideas

A wide variety of rooms ensure that there will always be the appropriate setting for the occasion.

Apothekertrakt (Apothecaries' Wing)

The Apothecaries’ Wing on the east side of the Schönbrunn palace grounds is the perfect multipurpose events centre, the ideal setting for conferences and meetings, as well as a venue for exhibitions, trade fairs, dinners and weddings.

The ten rooms with their different sizes and atmospheres are linked by spacious light-flooded areas that are ideal for taking a break. An outstanding aspect is the harmonious interaction between the historical building and the modern equipment. The terraces in the Orangery Garden and the Apothecaries’ Court provide outside areas that connect to the ground floor barrier-free facilities by means of direct access routes.


The Orangery provides an imposing setting for your events. The room, 700m² in size, its appearance elegant and yet reticent, is ideal for staging your event in a style that is both traditionally imperial as well as modern – regardless of whether it is a dinner, a lecture or an exhibition. Give your guests a feast for their eyes with the direct connection between the Orangery Garden and the banqueting hall. Let the gravel forecourt to the Orangery be transformed into your event’s elegant interval zone. And what is more, in the summer months you can hire the Pflanzenorangerie (plant orangery) – all 1200m² of it.

White and Gold Rooms and Great Gallery

The rooms directly in the Palace sparkle with their historical and imperial furnishing. Precious leaf gold decorates the White and Gold Rooms on the palace’s ground floor. These four rooms are each of a different size, and can be selected to meet the size of the event. The terrace into the Palace Park presents a breathtaking view of the Gloriette. The Great Gallery on the palace’s main floor communicates a flair of unadulterated exclusiveness. Only available during evening hours, the rooms have an atmosphere that takes you back to the age of the Empire.

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